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If you click on the Hashtag #OmegonsWrath especially on Instagram you will see some art and miniatures.

It’s about giving the Alpha Legion another dimension and a more creative approach. Some marines use a device which allows a new way of cloaking.

Cloaking device: The technology behind the cloaking device used by the Alpha Legion is based on a device from the Age of Darkness. This achient technology was built from an STC Plan, gained by Alpharius from a Blackstone Fortress in the outer realms. It uses a similar living metal to Honsou of the Iron Warriors’ arm, copying the biometric and physical appearance of a being and transferring it to the wearer of the device, reforming flesh and metal. This painful reforming was once described by CerxiS Diragorn as “Carving your own flesh with a blunt knife studded with Tyranid teeth and acid.“ The device allows for quick infiltration by only altering the physical appearance of the Astartes, altering their skin and armour to reflect that of an enemy . It does not however allow memories to be obtained, which still relies on the Omophagea and the eating of an enemies flesh. Although this allows them to take the form of the fallen enemy quickly, it is only superficial. Impacts like boltgun fire on armour reveals the true nature of the alteration as the living metal cannot maintain the structural surface tension, and so it is by no means flawless.

If you have spare time and want to join #OmegonsWrath just paint a Marine half Alpha Legion half any loyal Chapter you like devided by a lightning effect. Download and use the Codex for friendly games and come back, because it is a living Codex which means it will be updated regulary.

It’s a movement going on with several artists now. They paint miniatures, make artworks and illustrations or even scuplt things. A lot of stuff to come the next time by several guys and girls who jumped on the train but for now, enjoy what’s here!

This is my way to inspire people to get into kitbashing and converting. It also allows very creative approaches for displaying the Alpha Legion and adds another dimension to the infiltrating theme of them. People can also choose their favourite loyal or heretic chapter so everyone who participates will probably inspire one or more hobbyist to get into it.

This homepage will complete the experience by adding shortstories, news, Alpha Legion Artworks and tutorials to the Codex.

If you want to, you can support me by becoming a hydra!

Warhammer is a Trademark from Games Workshop. All artworks and painted models are based on the Warhammer 40k universe and are fan fiction.