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The following comprises a reading list of the Alpha Legion. It is fragmentary. It is incomplete. However, our secrets are not to be revealed in full.

Great Crusade – Horus Heresy

Primary (Protagonists*)

  • Legion, Dan Abnett (Ω)
  • Deliverance Lost, Gav Thorpe (Ω)
  • Praetorian of Dorn, John French (Ω)
  • ‘The Serpent Beneath,’ The Primarchs Anthology, Rob Sanders (Ω)
  • ‘The Harrowing,’ War Without End Anthology, Rob Sanders (α)
  • Alpharius: The Head of the Hydra, Mike Brooks (Ω)
  • ‚Council of Truth,‘ Blood of the Emperor Anthology, Mike Brooks (Ω)

Secondary (Antagonists or Minimal Role)

  • ‘First Legion’ Scions of the Emperor Anthology, Chris Wraight (Ω)
  • The Seventh Serpent, Graham McNeill (α)
  • Scars, Chris Wraight (α)
  • Wolf King, Chris Wraight (α)
  • ‘Hunter’s Moon,’ Legacies of Betrayal Anthology, Guy Haley (α)
  • ‘Wolf’s Claw,’ Legacies of Betrayal Anthology, Chris Wraight
  • ‘The Divine Word,’ Legacies of Betrayal Anthology, Gav Thorpe
  • ‘The Face of Treachery,’ Age of Darkness Anthology, Gav Thorpe (α)
  • ‘Liar’s Due,’ Age of Darkness Anthology, James Swallow
  • Slaves to Darkness, John French (Ω)
  • Lost and the Damned, Guy Haley (α)
  • Fear to Tread, James Swallow

Tertiary (In-Universe Histories)

  • The Horus Heresy I: Betrayal, Alan Bligh, Forge World
    • Space Marine Legions extant at the time of the Horus Heresy, p. 29
    • Allies in the Age of Darkness, p. 145
    • Legion Seeker Squad, p. 210
  • The Horus Heresy II: Massacre, Alan Bligh, Forge World
    • Chronicles of the Final Years of the Great Crusade, as Compiled by the Agents of the Sigillite, p. 19
    • Part I: Invasion, pp. 22-27
    • Part II: The First Wave, pp. 28-39
    • Part III: Massacre, pp. 40-47
  • The Horus Heresy III: Extermination, Alan Bligh, Forge World (Ω)
    • The Ashes of Istvaan, pp. 13-14
    • Part IV: The Invasion of Paramar, pp. 18-31
    • The Alpha Legion, pp. 78-103
    • The Alpha Legion, pp. 258-265
  • The Horus Heresy IV: Conquest, Alan Bligh, Forge World
    • The Dark Compliance, p. 17
    • The Traitor Legions and their Allies, pp. 144-147
    • The Loyalist Legions, pp. 156-158
    • Masters of the Legions, p. 175
    • Battles in the Age of Darkness: Strategic Raid Mission – Combat Extraction, p. 184
    • The Drakaina, p. 227
  • The Horus Heresy V: Tempest, Alan Bligh, Forge World
    • The Eye of the Storm, p. 15
    • Pattern of Empire, p. 79
    • Ignorant Armies, p. 140
    • The Old One Hundred, p. 177
  • The Horus Heresy VI: Retribution, Alan Bligh, Forge World (α)
    • A Kingdom Divided, p. 20-21
    • A Selection of Notable Elements of the Great Betrayal and the Age of Darkness, pp. 28-31
    • Upon the Anvil of War, pp. 33-44
    • Iron Warriors Deredeo Pattern Dreadnought, p. 45
    • Ancient Nehalen, ‚The Intertirus‘ p. 49
    • Alpha Legion Decapitation Squads, pp. 52-53
    • Eye of the Storm, pp. 83-91
    • Alpha Legion Assault Sergeant, p. 96
    • Alpha Legion Veteran Tactical Legionary, p. 97
    • Blood Angels Tactical Legionary, p. 99
    • Legendary Mission: Conclave of the Lost, p. 162
    • Legendary Mission: Between the Hammer and the Anvil, p. 166
    • Alpha Legion Unique Rite of War: Headhunter Leviathal, p. 194
    • Autilon Skorr, p. 248
  • The Horus Heresy VII: Inferno, Alan Bligh, Forge World
    • The Last Years of the Great Crusade, p. 10
    • The Librarius Project & The Taint of Old Night, pp. 11-13
    • The Council of Nikaea, p. 14
    • The Seeds of Heresy, pp. 67-68
    • The Shadow Before the Wolf, p. 73
    • The Endless Spiral, p. 154
  • The Horus Heresy VIII: Malevolence, Forge World (α)
    • An Imperium Abandoned, p. 28
    • Confessions of the Hydra, pp. 30-31
    • The Long Road to Ruin, pp. 35-36
    • The Betrayal at Chondax, pp. 75-105
    • Addenda/087.M31 – War without End, p. 113
    • The Chondax Campaign, pp. 172-199
    • Alpha Legionnaire, p. 308

Post-Heresy – M.42

Primary (Protagonists*)

  • Shroud of Night, Andy Clarke (α)
  • Sons of the Hydra, Rob Sanders (α)
  • ‚The Brightest and Best,‘ Mike Brooks (α)

Secondary (Antagonists)

  • Hunt for Voldorius, Andy Hoare
  • ‘We Are One,’ John French
  • ‘Unearthed,’ Rob Sanders
  • ‘Hunted,’ John French
  • ‘Truth is My Weapon,’ Justin D. Hill
  • ‘Unthinking Justice,’ Let the Galaxy Burn Anthology, Andras Millward
  • ‘The Long Games at Carcharias,’ Victories of the Space Marines Anthology, Rob Sanders
  • Pariah, Dan Abnett

Tertiary (In-Universe Histories)

  • ‘The Enemy Within,’ Index Astartes IV (α)
  • Imperial Armour V: The Siege of Vraks I
  • Imperial Armour XII: The Fall of Orpheus
  • Imperium Nihilus: Vigilus Ablaze
  • Warzone Fenris: Curse of the Wulfen
  • ‘Faces of the Hydra,’ Codex: Chaos Space Marines (8th Ed.)
  • ‘Alpha Legion Warbands,’ Codex: Chaos Space Marines (8th Ed.)

Ω Essential reading to understand the Alpha Legion

α Recommended reading beyond essential to further develop the arc of the Alpha Legion

* Novels, novellas, and short stories in which Alpha Legion characters receive characterization through either first person or third person omniscient (or limited omniscience) narration. Sometimes this is through non-Astartes Alpha Legion operatives and agents.

† Novels, novellas, and short stories in which the Alpha Legion characters serve primarily as antagonists to a clear set of protagonists or they play only a bit part in the narrative. Little is done to expand upon the Alpha Legion or its characters.

‡ Codices, rulebooks, and lorebooks which take the standpoint of in-universe histories where the author/narrator has an outsider perspective on the Alpha Legion, reporting their limited knowledge alongside rumours, half-truths, and deceptions.

[[[Commendations to u/cd8d on his intelligence regarding some minor incursions in the post-Heresy era that would have otherwise gone unnoticed in the making of this record = ‚We are One‘, ‚Unearthed‘, ‚Truth is My Weapon‘]]]

[[[Further recognition to u/Bataav and u/1nqu15171v30n3 for further intelligence = ‚Carcharias‘ and Pariah, and ‚Unthinking Justice‘, respectively, with lattermost from the lattermost]]]

We are the Unbroken Chain. We are the Azure Serpent. We are the Children of Eris. We are the Amaranth Coil. We are the Threefold Path. We are the Aleph Null. We are the Left Hand of Darkness. We are the XX. We are the Ghost Legion. We are the Alpha Legion. We are Legion.

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