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To celebrate 15k Followers I want to give something back! But you have to earn it like a true Alpha Legionaire.

ANY model can be entered in the competition, from a single scout, to a Chaos Space Marine or Primaris Marine over to a Dreadnought or Land Raider, 30k or 40k – even a Thunderhawk “still counts as one!” but it has to use the Omegon’s Wrath effect and be partly Alpha Legion.

Use the hashtag #OmegonsWrathComp2 to share your entry (Instagram/Twitter)!

This competition will start on the 1st of October 2022 and the Deadline will be the 1st of December 7 p.m. GMT+1

Yeah you are right! 2 month of time ^^

Go wild and #MayOmegonBeWithYou

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1) To enter the painting competition on Facebook, visit the post on Facebook on @CerxiS of the painting competition you want to enter, and post one picture of your painted miniature in the comments section.

1.1) To enter on Discord please add the final picture into the #ow-comp2 channel.

2) To enter the painting competition on Twitter, visit the post on Twitter profile @CerxiS hit follow and post one picture of your painted miniature(s) with the hashtag  #OmegonsWrathComp2

3) Prizes: Please watch out for the official Youtube Video too.

Primarch Class: (advanced Painters)

  1. Combat Patrol Chaos Space Marines by Taschengelddieb
  2. Four Contrast Paints and Rolling Pins by CerxiS
  3. Series D and Texture Pad by Artis Opus
  4. 20 Alpha Legion Dice by Baron of Dice
  5. Dirty Down Set by Goblins Hut
  6. 30$ Giftcard by Monument Hobbies

Alpha Legionaire Class: (beginner to intermediate)

  1. Chaos Cultists Box by Taschengelddieb
  2. Series D and Texture Pad by Artis Opus
  3. Dirty Down Set by Goblins Hut
  4. 20$ Giftcard by Monument Hobbies
  5. Rollings Pins by CerxiS

4) One entry per person per competition.

5) Two winners will be chosen: (one Primarch and One Legionaire)

6) All entries will be Community Voted in a versus to determine a bracket of advanced level painters for the bigger Prizepool (Primarchs). The other participants will get into the Alpha Legionaire Category automatically. The entries will than be reviewed and judged by the Omegon’s Wrath Dev- team. The judges shall select the entry which best satisfies the judging criteria. The judging criteria shall be as follows: originality, creativity and painting skill. Decisions of the judges shall be final.

7) Winners will be notified via a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram message from myself after the close of the competition on 1st of December. Winners will also be announced on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to the general public.

No other Account will be created for this competition. Only @CerxiS is official, do not trust any other account!

Warhammer is a Trademark from Games Workshop. All artworks and painted models are based on the Warhammer 40k universe and are fan fiction.