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    Omegon’s Wrath Competiti...

    1 Oktober 2022 , by admin

    To celebrate 15k Followers I want to give something back! But you have to earn it like a true Alpha Legionaire. ANY model can be entered in the competition, from a single scout, to a Chaos Space Marine or Primaris Marine over to a Dreadnought or Land Raider, 30k or 40k – even a Thunderhawk “still counts as one!” but... Read more

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    #OmegonsWrath Painting Competi...

    18 April 2021 , by admin

    Hey fellow Omegons! I will soon hit 10k followers on Instagram and the usual way to celebrate such a milestone would be a give away! But as we do things differently with the #OmegonsWrath movement I want to do a competition! Yeah that’s right… you need to get your brushes busy to enter this “give away”! +++ COMPETITION +++ If... Read more

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    Easter Update! 05th April

    4 April 2021 , by admin

    Hey Omegon’s Wrath people, tomorrow the Easter Update will hit the site! – 10 + Pages of Rules! Including Stratagems, Warlord Traits and more!– Paint Splatter Tutorials!– Updated Datasheets!Get your Alpha Legion Rules, Artwork and Lore! Read more

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    IT IS HERE! Download now!

    21 März 2021 , by admin

    Finally! After a long time I can now present you the first version of my Fan Codex for the Alpha Legion. There is still a long way to go, of course, but for now we have a kind of Index Astartes or should I say Index Heretic Astartes? Have fun with the supplement! I am looking forward to your reactions... Read more

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