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#OmegonsWrath Painting Competition

Hey fellow Omegons! I will soon hit 10k followers on Instagram and the usual way to celebrate such a milestone would be a give away! But as we do things differently with the #OmegonsWrath movement I want to do a

Easter Update! 05th April

Hey Omegon’s Wrath people, tomorrow the Easter Update will hit the site! – 10 + Pages of Rules! Including Stratagems, Warlord Traits and more!– Paint Splatter Tutorials!– Updated Datasheets!Get your Alpha Legion Rules, Artwork and Lore!

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    Codex incoming! 21st of March

    14 März 2021 , by admin

    After you guys had to wait way to long it is finally happening! Next sunday you can read the first version of this Codex you all have been waiting for! I will annouce where to download the Codex on all social media platforms! This will be the forst version of a living codex, that means you will get frequent updates...

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